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Forever Bare Hair Reduction

Forever BARE BBL HERO Skin Rejuvenation by Sciton | Gig Harbor Aesthetics in Gig Harbor, WA

Forever BARE BBL

Light technology is used by Forever BARE to destroy hair follicles at the source, preventing them from growing.

Forever BARE can be used on a variety of skin tones and hair textures, with most seeing an 80 to 90% reduction of hair in treated areas in as little as 3-6 treatments. This reduction is usually permanent, as any hair that regrows is usually finer and less visible. Maintenance sessions are recommended once or twice a year to keep the area free of hair regrowth.

The Science Behind BBL


Forever BARE BBL offers a gentle and targeted solution for unwanted hair. Its innovative in-motion technology means treatments are fast, comfortable, and effective on skin types I-V. The large spot size and enhanced cooling sapphire chill tip provide a safe and efficient way to reduce hair without damaging the surrounding tissue. This treatment is a great choice for those looking for a safe, effective way to permanently reduce hair growth.

Powerful Cooling, Single-Degree Adjustability

The re-engineered cooling allows constant motion treatments without allowing crystal temperature to fluctuate, resulting in better, more consistent results.

Permanent hair reduction with in-motion technology

Sciton’s light-based laser hair reduction treatment with in- motion technology ensures consistent and thorough results every time—minimizing missed areas that may occur with traditional hair removal devices.

The device’s intuitive interface allows providers to choose the appropriate skin type and hair follicle size for preset “safe start” parameters. Integrated safety features like large spot sizes and an enhanced cooling sapphire chill tip ensure patients’ comfort during and after treatment.

How It Works


In comparison to traditional laser hair removal, Forever BARE BBL sends a high repetition rate of multiple, low-frequency pulses.

Multi-Pass Approach

BBL’s motion technology allows for even heating of hair follicles and minimizes missed areas that occur with traditional hair removal devices. Simply choose the appropriate skin type and hair follicle size, and Forever BARE BBL will provide you with preset “safe start” parameters.


Forever BARE BBL is renowned for being one of the most comfortable laser hair removal treatments available. Patients typically report feeling a warming, “prickly” sensation during the procedure, which is generally quite comfortable. The warmth typically dissipates within an hour of treatment, making it a highly convenient option.

BBL hair removal treatments offer a number of advantages, including the elimination of unwanted hair and enhancing the overall appearance of your skin. If you’re looking to reduce hair growth and simultaneously improve the condition of your skin, such as diminishing the presence of brown spots, red spots, and acne, it’s best to discuss this with a qualified professional. They can then provide the best advice regarding BBL treatments to achieve your desired outcomes.

Typically, it takes 3-6 treatments to drastically reduce the hair in the treated area. The number of treatments you need will depend on the rate of your hair growth, color, and thickness. During your initial consultation, your practitioner will provide you with a personalized hair removal plan designed specifically for you.

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