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How Long Does RF Microneedling Last for Radiant Skin?

RF Microneedling by Gig Harbor Aesthetics in WA

RF Microneedling has gained attention as a skincare treatment that offers a range of benefits, from reducing signs of aging to improving the appearance of acne scars. While many are drawn to its promises of rejuvenated, radiant skin, questions often arise about the longevity of its effects. How long can one expect the results to last? Is this a short-term solution, or does it offer more enduring benefits? These are critical considerations for anyone considering investing time and money into any skincare regimen. 

What is RF Microneedling?

RF Microneedling, or Radiofrequency Microneedling, is a skincare treatment that combines the principles of traditional microneedling with radiofrequency energy. The procedure concerns using a specialized device with fine needles and an RF unit. These needles puncture the skin’s surface to create controlled micro-injuries, which trigger the body’s natural healing process. As the skin heals, it cultivates more collagen and elastin, essential for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

What sets RF Microneedling apart from traditional microneedling is the addition of radiofrequency energy. As the needles penetrate the skin, they also deliver RF energy into the deeper layers of the skin. This energy heats the underlying tissues, causing them to contract and tighten. The heat also stimulates further collagen production, enhancing the skin’s healing process. The result is a more effective treatment that addresses surface-level concerns like fine lines and acne scars and offers deeper skin tightening and contouring benefits. This dual action—microneedling for surface-level problems and RF energy for more profound tissue treatment—results in a more comprehensive approach to skin rejuvenation.

The process commonly lasts about an hour to 45 minutes, depending on the extent of the treatment zone and the specific circumstances being addressed. Post-treatment, patients may experience some redness and slight swelling, but these adverse effects are typically mild and subside within a few hours.

The treatment is FDA-cleared and considered safe for all skin types. It offers a minimally invasive alternative to more drastic measures like surgical facelifts, with less downtime and fewer side effects. 

Benefits of RF Microneedling

RF Microneedling offers a versatile, effective, and minimally invasive way to improve skin quality. Its multi-faceted approach addresses various skin issues, making it a popular choice for those seeking comprehensive skincare solutions.

  1. Comprehensive Skin Rejuvenation: One of the most significant advantages of RF Microneedling is its ability to address various skin concerns. Whether you’re dealing with fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, or hyperpigmentation, this treatment offers a comprehensive solution. The combination of microneedling and radiofrequency energy targets the skin’s surface and deeper layers, providing a more thorough rejuvenation.
  2. Collagen and Elastin Production: The controlled micro-injuries caused by the microneedles stimulate the skin’s natural healing process, increasing collagen and elastin synthesis. These proteins preserve skin elasticity and firmness, making the skin appear younger and more vibrant.
  3. Skin Tightening: The radiofrequency energy delivered during the treatment heats the underlying tissues, causing them to contract. This results in immediate skin tightening, particularly beneficial for areas prone to sagging, such as the jawline and neck.
  4. Minimally Invasive with Minimal Downtime: RF Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t require extensive recovery time. Most people can resume their regular activities almost immediately, making it convenient for those with busy schedules.
  5. Safe for All Skin Types: The treatment is FDA-cleared and considered safe for all skin types, including sensitive and darker skin tones. It makes it an inclusive option for diverse individuals looking to improve their skin’s appearance.
  6. Long-lasting Results: While the longevity of the results can vary from person to person, many find that the effects are durable, especially when the treatment is part of a series and followed by proper skincare.

Procedure: What To Expect

Following these steps, you can anticipate a smooth and practical RF Microneedling experience tailored to your skincare needs.

  1. Consultation: Your journey begins with a one-on-one consultation with a skincare professional. During this session, your skin’s condition will be evaluated, and a personalized treatment plan will be devised.
  2. Pre-Treatment Preparations: Before the procedure, you may be advised to avoid certain skincare products or medications that could interfere with the treatment or healing process.
  3. Anesthetic Application: Upon arrival for your treatment, a topical anesthetic will be applied to the target area to ensure comfort during the procedure.
  4. Device Calibration: The RF Microneedling device will be calibrated according to your skin concerns and the treatment plan discussed during the consultation.
  5. Treatment: The device is gently glided over the skin, delivering microneedles and RF energy according to the calibrated settings. The procedure usually takes between 60 to 105 minutes.
  6. Post-Treatment Care: A soothing serum or cream may be applied to the treated area to aid in the healing process. You’ll also receive aftercare instructions to maximize the treatment benefits.
  7. Follow-Up: A follow-up appointment may be scheduled to assess the results and discuss further treatments or adjustments to your skincare routine.

Side Effects

RF Microneedling is considered one of the safest treatments in radiofrequency skincare, boasting a low-risk profile compared to other more invasive procedures. However, like any medical treatment, one must be aware of potential side effects to make an informed decision.

The most common side effects are redness and slight swelling in the treated area. These symptoms are typically mild and tend to decline within a few hours after treatment. The redness is a natural response to the micro-injuries created by the microneedles, while the swelling is typically a result of the skin’s reaction to the radiofrequency energy.

Despite these minor side effects, most people can resume their regular skincare routines and daily activities immediately after the procedure. There’s usually no need for an extended period of downtime, making RF Microneedling a convenient option for those with busy schedules.


If you’re looking for a safe, practical, and minimally intrusive approach to rejuvenating your skin, RF Microneedling at Gig Harbor Aesthetics could be the perfect solution. With its low risk of side effects and minimal downtime, you can easily fit this transformative treatment into your busy schedule. Don’t let minor skin imperfections hold you back any longer.  Book a consultation with our skilled skincare professionals to discuss your personalized treatment plan. Experience the benefits of RF Microneedling firsthand and take the first step toward achieving the radiant, youthful skin you’ve always desired. Contact Gig Harbor Aesthetics today to schedule your appointment.



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