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Our Guide to Skin


Skin Tightening – Combining Laser treatments, Injectables and Skincare

The newest kid on the block isn’t really a new kid, but it is the actual cosmetic approach which is the newly crowned king of all cosmetic procedures, the “combination treatment.”

This is where the combined effects of more than one treatment are harnessed to maximize treatment outcomes and benefits. At Gig Harbor Aesthetics, we prefer and perform combination treatments to achieve optimal results. Combination therapy is not only more efficient in terms of time, but more often than not, the combination naturally allows for better results compared to each stand alone treatment. The combination of injectables, lasers and skincare has a synergistic effect, boosting one another for remarkable results. The idea behind combining modalities is simple, as we just mentioned, but the bottom line is that it leads to more effective clinical results and increased patient satisfaction. Why let your treatments stand-alone when your treatments can stand together and give you more efficacy and better results?

What happens to us as we age?

As we age we lose volume in our skin and tissue, our texture changes due to past sun damage, our overall skin tone dulls while our elastin and collagen diminish. These important structures serve as scaffold and the decline of volume leads to our face sagging and drooping, creating deep folds and lines. Facial aging typically starts in our 20’s and 30’s with the loss of essential volume and the effects of past sun damage will appear as brown spots, facial vessels and textural changes. Simply put, aging isn’t just a one dimensional effect so our approach isn’t a one-way path. It’s a plan that includes different techniques to create balance, brightness, skin tightening and improved skin health.

Botox, Laser Treatments and Skincare

We take a synergistic approach to create a combined plan to reverse damage, smooth out texture and tighten skin. Sure, it’s great to be on a progressive home care routine, but when you combine that with in-office treatments you are getting optimal results with your skin health. Some of the most popular treatments to slow down the effects of aging are Injectables, Radio Frequency Microneedling and Broad Band Light.

Botox/Dysport and Dermal Fillers

Botox and Dysport is a type of a neuromodulator that has received FDA approval for cosmetic treatments to reduce wrinkles. Dermal fillers are used to restore volume loss and support the skin to maintain its texture, volume and suppleness.

Laser Treatments

Radio Frequency Microneedling and BBL are incredibly effective at smoothing out texture, tightening the skin and improving overall skin tone and radiance. Through the use of these modalities, you will notice a visible improvement in the overall health of your skin.


Being on proper skincare for your particular skin is o ne of the most important parts of maintaining beautiful skin as well as correcting past damage. Out experts will guide you on what to use to achieve your skin goals.



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