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What Does Your Face Look Like After BBL Treatment


Broad Band Light, also known as BBL or photo facial, is a corrective skin treatment that uses a broad spectrum of light that can be filtered to treat multiple skin problems and cover a broader region of skin than a laser, unlike the usual laser treatment that uses only a single wavelength.

Rosacea, spider veins, and acne are skin disorders treated with BBL treatments. It can also aid in the reduction of the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as the evenness of skin tone and texture. It improves the firmness, elasticity, and pigmentation of your skin and your body’s ability to mend itself and regrow healthy skin. BBL treatment can also be used on the face, neck, chest area, hands, and legs. 

The procedure, known as photorejuvenation, provides a safe, non-invasive option that may be adjusted to your unique condition and skin type, offering superior cosmetic results and excellent satisfaction. Usually, the number of BBL treatments depends on your skin type and condition. 

What should you do before your BBL treatment?

Preparing for your skin before BBL must enhance your results and protect your skin. So these are the things you need to take note of before having your first BBL treatment.

  • Avoid tanning your skin and sunburn four weeks before getting your treatment, as it may cause blistering and permanent skin discoloration. 
  • Do not use any chemical exfoliator, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, chemical peel, or retinol at least a week before.
  • Suppose you are taking any medication; best to talk about it to your dermatologist and refrain from taking medication that may cause photosensitivity. Suppose you’ve had cold sores in the past. In that case, your doctor could suggest taking an antiviral medication a few days before your appointment.

What happens during your BBL treatment, and how does it work?

After booking your appointment, you will be doing a consultation with a dermatologist. Your skin will be examined, pointing out your skin concerns and areas to target. Following this, you’ll be given a plan for your skin and instructions on how many BBL therapy sessions you should receive to achieve your desired results.

Depending on your skin concern, one BBL session will take about 30-45 minutes. Before starting the treatment, wear dark goggles or glasses to protect your eyes from the bright lights. A cooling gel and a topical anesthetic will be applied to your face.

Pulses of light from the BBL handpiece will be applied to your face. You may feel a slight sting or mild pain; warmth and redness of the front will be observed during the treatment, but this will go away after some time.

The photo treatment from BBL will accurately send laser energy to particular targets in your skin. It will gently warm the upper layers of your skin. The heat will encourage skin cell regeneration. In treating brown spots, BBL will penetrate the skin and reach this pigment after 7-14 days. The pigment particles will peel.

The light from BBL also treats the redness of the skin through the absorption of light by the superficial blood vessels found on the skin’s surface, which causes them to close. 

What does your face look like after BBL treatment?

A common occurrence after BBL treatment is peeling, redness, and swelling but rest assured, these will go away. You may feel puffiness under the eye that will typically go after a day. BBL treatment can provide rejuvenated and refreshed skin.

Browning or darkening your dark spots can often mean a successful treatment. Blemishes usually clear up within weeks of BBL treatment. Brighter, smoother, and even skin are some of the effects of the treatment. It also helps with discoloration and fine lines. 

According to a study, BBL treatments of up to 5 sessions every two weeks showed improvement in minimizing enlarged pores on the face. It also helps reduce wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and peeling of the skin, which will leave new and healthier skin. Three treatments or more per year have been reported to bring in smoother, brighter, and more even skin, providing the effect of reversing the aging process.

What are some BBL treatments aftercare?

After your BBL treatment experience, you may experience some changes, such as redness, a slight swelling of the face, and mild sunburn on your skin. However, do not worry. These are normal reactions you can get after getting your BBL treatment. That being said, here is some BBL aftercare you should know:

  • To soothe the feeling of warmth or mild stinging on your face, you can treat the area with an ice pack or damp cloth for 10 minutes. You can also take Advil or some painkillers to relieve the discomfort.
  • Avoid using exfoliant creams, shaving, swimming, and prolonged sun exposure.
  • You may observe brown patches on your face after 2-3 days of treatment. These may feel flaky, and you might be tempted to peel them off, but please, do not. Let it come off.
  • Use a mild cleanser and moisturizer to keep your skin lubricated or moisturizer.
  • Use a sunblock containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide that helps in blocking UV rays that can protect and prevent your skin from blistering.

BBL treatment is safe and effective in combating skin concerns such as rosacea, acne, and spider veins. It can help in epidermal collagen production, which can help in giving structure to the skin. It can be a remedy for your skin, especially concerning sun damage, pollution, and harmful skin care products.

Additionally, it may aid in improving skin firmness, elasticity, and healing. Although promising, it can cause some discomfort in the initial stage of the treatment but do not worry. You can expect good results as you continue your session and talk with your certified and professional dermatologists or estheticians.

Experience BBL treatment

To learn more about BBL treatment and its wonders, you can book an appointment at Gig Harbor Aesthetics which will give you an expert, safe and comfortable environment at every step of your body care journey. 



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